Considering Converting to Judaism?

Considering Converting to Judaism?

Overview of the Conversion Process

From your first meeting with the Rabbi to the ceremony at the synagogue celebrating your conversion, the process typically takes a year. However, some people complete the requirements in just a few months, while others take several years. How long it takes will depend on you and what you are seeking from the process.

Meeting With the Rabbi

The Rabbi will explain the path to conversion and provide you with books and articles to read. If you have already been reading about Judaism on your own, you can discuss your ideas and questions with the Rabbi. No questions are off-limits in Judaism.  You can always contact the Rabbi.

Joining Jewish Activities

You should begin attending services at a synagogue on a regular basis. You are welcome at Temple Israel on Friday nights, of course! Every congregation is different and it is important that you feel comfortable exploring Judaism with a group of people you like. Friday night services are different from Saturday morning services – try both.

Outside of the synagogue, you will find many events in town are sponsored by the Jewish community. Attending events such as Jewish film festivals, arts fairs, and museum openings, gives you the chance to experience the Jewish spirit and values in action, and learn more about your Jewish family and friends.

Taking a Class

Finally, you might consider taking a class about Judaism. TheKansas City Rabbinical Association will likely offer classes introducing Jewish history, culture and philosophy. You may find a class called A Taste of Judaism. It is explores the topics of Jewish spirituality, ethics and community values.

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