Religious Education: Our Philosophy

Religious Education: Our Philosophy

Temple Israel’s religious school has sought not only to teach for the sake of knowledge, but above all to enhance the practice of our faith.  Judaism is not a book on the shelf but something that we apply daily in the choices we make and in the way we live our lives.  We want our students to embrace the love of studying Torah. We will help them internalize the need for prayer  while recognizing that prayer comes in many forms, including those we say in synagogue services as well as how we act in the world. And we work to show how mitzvot means much more than doing good deeds: It is to share in the repair of the world, with everything we do and say.

You have always been  welcome to participate in Religious School activities with your child, as well as joining us on Family Learning Days. We hope you will see us as partners in shaping your child’s life as a Jew, for years to come.


Our curriculum has been based on the materials from Behrman House, a highly regarded educational publishing house, based in Cincinnati.

Religious School

We offer many ways to fit Jewish learning into a busy schedule in a tolerant and progressive atmosphere of mutual support and dialogue. We have held Religious School for children in kindergarten through 10th grade from October to March. This schedule is a departure from the traditional schedule of most synagogues; it is a shortened but intensely focused school year.

Adult Learning

From Torah class to prayer class to short courses in Hebrew or Jewish history, we have myriad opportunities for our adult congregants to study throughout the year.

Please check our website and newsletter for the current offerings or contact Rabbi Cukierkorn to arrange for another offering.

At Temple Israel, our goal is that each student, regardless of age, will experience the joy that study and inquiry bring. When students comes to love and understand Torah, rituals and mitzvot, we have started them on a lifelong journey toward a fulfilling Jewish life. Please contact us with any questions, special needs or concerns.


Supporters of our Youth 

Donations of $250 or more to support our religious school will be recognized with an engraved plate that will be added for the year to our Supporters of Our Youth plaque. If the donation is made in someone’s memory or honor, that also will be engraved on the acknowledgement plate.


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