With Temple Israel At Your Side

With Temple Israel At Your Side

Help and Support

At Temple Israel, we believe whatever brings you to Judaism, will be underpinned with love. You may be thinking about converting because a partner you love is Jewish, you have a child who is Jewish, or you have an inexplicable affection for things Jewish – spiritual, cultural or philosophical. Whatever your reason, if you have started down the path to converting to Judaism, we can help and support you in the journey.


You may simply want to learn more about Judaism in a warm, accepting environment.  We encourage you to ask questions and discuss your doubts, concerns and hopes. You may be far enough along in your embrace of Judaism that you want to become more involved in our community, as you continue to study and learn.

As a part of our community, you will be respected and included. Through individual sessions with the Rabbi and small group meetings with other conversion students, you will be introduced to the basic beliefs and values of Judaism, Jewish practices in home and synagogue, the rites of the life and year cycles, Jewish history and, if you wish, enough Hebrew to be able to read a prayer book with other congregants.

At Temple Israel, we welcome you into our community, and encourage you to join us at the synagogue and out in the wider community.

As you consider converting to Judaism, remember Ruth, the first and most famous convert. Ruth so loved Naomi, her mother-in-law, that she left her own people to join the Israelites. When Naomi’s son, and Ruth’s husband, died, Naomi released Ruth to go back to her own people, the Moabites. But Ruth is quoted in the Bible saying these words: “Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there will I be buried.” which a convert to Judaism will often quote during the conversion celebration in the synagogue.

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