Congregation 2015
JSShofar 2015


Temple Israel is a progressive Jewish Reform congregation: tolerant & international, participatory & flexible and, above all, warm and welcoming to both Jewish and interfaith families.

Yahrzeit Plaque Ready for Members’ Remembrances: Forever a Part of Us, We Remember Them...


One of the hallmarks of our Jewish traditions is our loyalty to our loved ones who have died. In keeping with this tradition, we observe the anniversary of a loved one’s death by reciting the Kaddish and performing acts of charity. A Yahrzeit plaque is a permanent reminder of the place our loved one held in our lives.

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Our Rabbi

Rabbi Jacques Cukierkorn, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and ordained at Hebrew Union College (Cincinnati, Ohio). He hails from a line of Hasidic Polish rabbis who emigrated to Brazil in 1929. His maternal grandfather came to Uruguay in 1930 where he became one of the founders of that Jewish community. He is considered an expert on the so-called anusim, the descendents of Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity but who maintained their Jewish identity secretly in some cases, until today. As an advisor for international organizations, such as Kulanu, Rabbi Cukierkorn has been a key player in some of the most controversial mass “returnings” of Jews to the rest of the tribe, from the crypto-Jews of northern Brazil to the Abayudaba of Uganda. He is dedicated to helping people learn about Judaism...

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